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Erectile Dysfunction: A Man’s Harrowing Condition Impotence is defined by the medical dictionary as the incapacity of men to sustain an erection that would suffice during the duration of sexual intercourse. Additionally, this is also manifested by failure to ejaculate. Impotence is a medical condition that continues to affect the male population regardless of age or race, but despite this, not that many men are comfortable to talk about this condition. There are different causes behind erectile dysfunction. It could be attributed to genetics, the biological make-up of the man or it could be because of his daily activities. If the issue is caused by genetics or the physical attribute of the man, then there is really not that much to do about it. However, if the root is the daily activities, then there is still a remedy for it. Not all men suffering from this condition brave the treatments that are being introduced by nowadays. Erectile dysfunction continues to plague the masculine sex and doesn’t regard age or race. The effects of this condition can be very impactful to a handful of men. It can cause a breakdown in relationships and marriages would even go down the drain. The incapacity to reproduce and provide children to their wife is a huge issue that leads to heartbreaks and could even be grounds for divorce.
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Two of the most common activities that would greatly trigger this dysfunction are smoking and drinking too much. By eliminating these two vices, men can still restore their performance and lead a perfectly normal life. In cases wherein the main reason is a result of genetic or biological make-up, there are still male sexual dysfunction treatments in the market. Consulting a specialist would be the best route to take to be given options on how to treat this condition.
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The market is now populated with different types of erectile dysfunction pills, although not all of these pills are given clearance for its therapeutic value. These pills are not wonder drugs that would give long term solutions, rather, they provide a short term fix to the issue. It would allow men to perform during sexual intercourse and when the effect of the drug wears out, their organ will return to its normal state. The downside of these pills is that they have been reported to cause heart attacks and other medical anomalies. So before taking any of these, it would be best to seek consultation from a primary care physician. Several companies continue to invest in coming up with therapeutics for this medical condition, although most of these therapies are still on their exploratory stages. There are risks for some, while others are already showing strong promises of remedy. To properly address this male condition, it is advantageous to talk with a professional to clinically assess the situation.

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