FAQ Regarding a Private Investigator in San Diego California

When a person is considering hiring a private investigator, they often have a lot of questions they need answers to. Individuals often wonder if hiring an investigator is truly warranted in their situation. Since many people have never hired a private investigator, it can be a bit overwhelming seeking one for a consultation. It is important a person knows what to expect from the process and learns everything they can about the available services so they can make a sound decision.

This FAQ will answer the most common questions individuals have:

  • What happens if the investigator does not find the information a client is seeking? Most investigators are hired by the hour and not by the outcome of their investigation. Each investigative agency has a different policy on client satisfaction. It is vital a person carefully reads over the agreement before they sign and hire the investigator.
  • What are private investigators not allowed to do? A private investigator must obey the same laws common citizens do as they have no police power. They may not pose as a law enforcement officer or a member of the clergy. They cannot trespass or use wiretapping to gain information. These investigators are trained to carefully obtain information, without being discovered or breaking the law.
  • What are the licensing requirements for a private investigator? Each state has its own licensing laws for private investigators. To obtain a license, one must have a background in law enforcement or have worked under a private investigator for several years. They must pass a background check and have no prior felonies on their record.
  • Are their different types of investigators? As with any profession, many investigators have an area they specialize in but most can carry out any type of investigative services, including finding missing persons and conducting background checks.

Those who are in need of answers they cannot find on their own are urged to hire a private investigator in San Diego California. A private investigator can help you with a variety of issues regarding research, surveillance, and interviewing services. Call the office of Sam Delsur to get started and discover the information you need.

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